Large art stainless steel city abstract decor sculpture

Large art stainless steel city abstract decor sculpture

NO.: AKCC-28

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel

Surface: Stainless steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




Most of our city abstract decor sculptures do not have a fixed form, and the freedom of geometry and lines is a good way to show abstraction. The surface of this city abstract decor is mirror-polished and has a very shiny silver luster in the sun. Two loops like butterfly wings, entangled randomly, fixed at a point below, this city abstract decor sculpture is paired with a black marble base on the top and bottom, which will add a lot of high-level sense, this city abstract decor is very suitable for modern company decoration. Set off against the high-rise buildings, a sense of modernity blows across the face. These city abstract decor sculptures can not only decorate the company’s interior and lobby, but also customize the large city abstract decor to be placed outside the square to set off the surrounding flowers, fountains, and it is also a very beautiful scenery.

As an art form, city abstract decor sculpture is created by artists. There will be some details in the sculpture creation. In the creation of city abstract decor sculptures, there will be many different details, there will be some unconscious behaviors, these unconscious behaviors will appear in the works, and some will be passed on for a long time. Or in the process of the artist’s creation, the traces left by the artist’s creative habits. When admiring the city abstract decor sculpture, the audience will appreciate and understand the beauty of the sculpture in their own way, and then discover the beauty of the sculpture that belongs to the “self”. These intentional or unintentional influences have become the “halo” in the sculpture of city abstract decor. It has a subtle impact on the audience. Some viewers like the work of some artists very much. They like the expressive style of some artists. The cultivation of an artist’s style is closely related to the artist’s experience in the process of learning and creating. Every successful experience of the artist creates his unique style.


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