Army Green
BRONZE sculpture

Bronze Sculpture Material Characteristics:

Bronze carving handicraft refers to modern art which is made of metal Bronze as the main raw material through processing. It is different from the ancient bronze wares with diverse uses. Bronze carving handicraft is mainly for ornamental purposes. Among them to bronze figures, bronze animals, bronze Buddha, but regardless of the kind of Bronze carving handicrafts are the embodiment of the maker of exquisite craftsmanship.
There are three kinds of Bronze commonly used to make bronze sculptures: red copper, brass, bronze, Brass is the most widely used material because of its low manufacturing cost, high process flexibility, and ability to obtain complex shapes and large castings. Generally, the most selected colors are Army Green, black and brown, The specific choice of which color should be based on your preferences.

Marble Sculpture

Marble Sculpture Material Characteristics:

marble color
The properties of the marble block itself.

(1). Rock, marble block for sculpting belongs to the category of rock, and it can be carved only if it has the characteristics of the rock. For example, there are natural stone threads, natural colors, fine stone quality, warm and moist, not hard or dry, and so on.
(2). Toughness, the hardness should be below 3 degrees, only carvable pieces;
(3). The stone property can reach the size and volume required for carving;
(4). Artistic quality, with the color, luster, and corresponding texture required for artistic creation.

Marble Choice

The choice of marble block for sculpting depends on the engraving experience of the engraver and the scale of the project. We Commonly used marble blocks for sculpting is MS marble, Hunan marble, Sichuan marble….According to the place where the artwork is placed. Choose materials for indoor or outdoor display. Some types of stones can withstand strong weather damage. Then choose colors and natural stone thread according to the artwork itself.

Stainless Steel Sculpture

Stainless Steel Sculpture Material Characteristics:


Superior quality of corrosion proof, long-life for use.


High hardness and strong sense of The Times.

Stainless steel sculptures can be divided into round carving sculptures, relief sculptures, and Openwork sculptures. Stainless steel material has the characteristics of resistance to weak corrosive media such as air, steam, water and acid, alkali, salt, and other chemical corrosive media corrosion, because of the advantages of stainless steel, a lot of urban sculpture is based on it as the material. The sculpture made of stainless steel is simple and generous, with obvious body sense and strong light and shadow effect. After the reform and opening up. The characteristics of the stainless steel sculpture and decorative stainless steel sculpture are developed on the basis of traditional stone carving new sculpture types, because of its unique bright, lively, not pollution, consistent with the modern urban life and other characteristics, has been gradually accepted by the public, in the market share is bigger and bigger, gradually the trend of more than the traditional stone carving; In life, we can see stainless steel sculpture everywhere, cafes, hotels, restaurants, etc., make full use of its decorative role, to the whole environment has played a great foil role. The overall gloss of the stainless steel sculpture is fuller, the material is more stable, and it is not easy to be damaged when placed outdoors. The overall sculpture gives a unique temperament.

Fiberglass Sculpture

Fiberglass Sculpture Material Characteristics:

Fiberglass products are finished products processed with resin and glass fiber as raw materials. Fiberglass sculpture is a new kind of handicraft sculpture emerging at the right moment. Its shape is rich in color. The finished product of the Fiberglass sculpture is lifelike, which is very suitable for placing in public places. Fiberglass has strong corrosion resistance and thermal properties, the production process is simple and can be formed at a time. Compared with sculptures made of other materials, the price is relatively cheap. Fiberglass sculpture has good corrosion resistance, so it is often used for decoration in parks and other places.

  • Rich in color

  • Weight is very light

  • Customized exotic shape

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