About Aongking Sculpture

Quyang Aongking Sculpture is specialized in sculpture productions for over 30 years, such as large-size bronze sculptures, marble water fountains, metal sculptures, horse statues, etc.

three graces sculpture

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clay mold
finished sculpture
Pouring Bronze

How do you make a sculpture?

The production of bronze carving is relatively complex, according to different bronze carving works, its workmanship technology is not the same. The common bronze carving production process: first, We make a 1:1 clay mold and then use the Lost wax casting to make the sculpture, And then we polish it and color with it so that a copper sculpture is made.

Top Quality

We will guarantee the quality of products, provide the whole process of production tracking service.

Good Price

We provide you with the most favorable price, cost-effective products.

customized service

How to customize a sculpture?

Custom Sculpture

Refers to a design based on a specific picture, or a personal drawing. Aongking’s all finished sculptures are for this way of operating. The business model of customized sculpture can also be called personalized sculpture design. Material selection is usually based on the client’s personal size, color, design, picture or idea, decorative scene, etc.

Custom Made Sculpture
Custom Statue Of Personalized

Your style is our passion

  • Picture Custom

  • Custom Size

  • Custom Color

  • Help Customers Realize Pictures Or Ideas

  • Recommends Suitable Sculpture According To Customer Decoration Scene

  • Custom Statue From Photo


Quyang Aongking Sculpture finished sculptures till May 2022.


Quyang Aongking Sculpture foreign trade was established

45.2 m

So far, finished the biggest sculptures size