Sculpture Packaging

General and Custom Packaging

We Choose Different Packaging For Different Sculptures. The packaging depends on the size and weight of the sculpture.

1.General packaging:

Inside: Soft plastic foam / Soft cloth.

Outside: Strong fumigated wooden cases, full package, standard thickness 2-3cm.

2. Two kinds of custom packaging:

1 ) Inside: Soft cloth.

Outside: Strong iron-framed case, full package, suitable for large size stainless steel sculptures and large bronze sculptures.

2) Inside: Soft cloth.

Outside: Strong wooden case, full package, suitable for small size or surface chrome / plated finished sculptures.

Sculpture Packaging

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Door to Door Service

Sculpture Transportation

Aongking company has three options for transportation: freight, shipping, and air transportation. First of all, we will check the approximate shipping cost according to the port near your home, and choose the suitable means of transportation to your port. Under normal circumstances, we choose shipping this way. We will first transport the sculptures to our port by truck for loading. When we arrive at your port, we will remind you to pick up the goods, and you can sign for the goods if there is no problem with the inspection. For some special places or if you want to see your sculptures faster, we can arrange for your sculptures to be shipped by air. Of course, if you want to ship to your door, we will help you find the door-to-door price. In short, we will choose a suitable transportation method to safely deliver the sculpture to your hands.


Sculpture Installation

There are two common installation methods of sculpture in our life: one is relatively stable, light under the weight, and the landing area is a relatively large sculpture, at the bottom of the iron expansion screw, through electric welding and sculpture steel keel welding can be; Another is not light, above is at the bottom of the center of gravity is not very stable, fall on the ground have the plate with the internal keel welding is very strong, the ground should have embedded iron, steel plate by the top and take root more turns of rebar into concrete under the deep structure, two layers of steel plate welding are firm, based outside put another stone or kind of flowers and plants buried sculpture outside of steel structure. Of course, we also have a door-to-door installation service.


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Thank you for choosing us. Your affirmation is our untiring motivation, and we very much hope to get your evaluation. Good or bad, it matters to us. Thank you for your valuable time to give us feedback, looking forward to our next cooperation!

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