What materials are usually used for the stone carvings of the external walls? Indoor marble carving can decorate what places.

We can often see all kinds of marble sculptures in the big parks. Some are reliefs carved directly on the wall. Some are three-dimensional portraits or sculptures of various animals. At the same time, we lamented the craftsmanship of the craftsmen. Also praised the exquisite carving skills. In fact, now a lot of stone carving technology can also be used in the decoration of the house, but also very simple.

marble art decor

Monochromatic granite sculptures decorate the exterior walls.

Outdoor decoration, we see the most is the decoration of the outer wall of the house. I remember living in a community decorated before. Two of the buildings in the center belong to high-end residential buildings. Without going inside. The carvings on the outside are exquisite. We use the relief of twisted flowers on the granite surface. There are also lifelike figures carved. It does look very upscale. Such carving decoration is often seen on the exterior walls of some villas. Whether it’s a wall or a pillar. Or the granite banister. I can always see the shadow of the granite carving. For a long time, granite carving seemed to be a symbol of wealth. But there is only one small regret. The colors of these carvings are very simple, not too much color.

A Stone sculpture is an object made of stone which has been shaped, usually by carving, or assembled to form a visually interesting three-dimensional shape. Stone is more durable than most alternative materials, making it especially important in architectural sculpture on the outside of buildings.

Marble sculpture in the design of the courtyard.

carving marble sculpture

In fact, except for carving with granite. And marble is what we use the most. The famous “David” by Michelangelo was carved in marble. And now marble carving has gradually entered our family decoration. Aongking has designed marble for another luxury courtyard.

A quiet little yard. There are marble sculptures. There are garden owners with an almost crazy love. Not only is the floor marble, but the countertop is a marble. Even the entire room is filled with marble sculptures of all kinds. The place that takes the door was put on the carved screen of marble by the host. Looks really can only be described as magnificent. The intricate hollow carving above. The flowers did not destroy the marble itself. Instead, they follow the pattern of flowers. The design and construction were carried out. It’s really a work of art. The decoration of the screen is external. It immediately elevates the outdoor feel of the entire room. It seemed that the owner of the house must be a man of great taste.

You can see a whole wall of marble carved in the TV background. The background wall looks like an expanse of the universe. The entire wall is made of almost black marble. Carved in an irregular horizontal pattern. It seems to be full of mystery. Look at this background wall. It’s like being in the universe. There are stars all over the sky.Sit on the couch without watching TV. Just look at this wall. A marble sculpture can also make people think freely. Expand your imagination. In addition to the use of such a large area of marble carving. The host has also done a lot of work on the ceiling. The ceiling is decorated with carved marble blocks around the edges. The stone design of the original traditional kicking line is omitted. This kind of carved design is really nice to add. It is more artistic than the simple straight line shape of the previous kicking line.

marble sculpture

Even the kicking line was made of marble. Probably designed to match the TV background wall. On the choice of kicking line. Garden master request, the choice slants black to play the baseline. It looks like the whole of the space is stronger. And the uniform look does look neater, too. It’s more malleable. Although the small courtyard of the living room is larger. But if you choose other colors of the line really may not have such a good effect.

After seeing the whole garden marble decoration of Aongking design. Aongking believes that you really have a new understanding of marble sculpture and stone art. But there is also a worry. Can’t those hollow-out designs fall ash at ordinary times? It must be very taxing to take care of? So before using those hollow-out designs, you really should consider the cleaning issues in the later stage and then make a decision.