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Why do people prefer copper sculpture for outdoor sculpture?

With the development of the city, all kinds of square gardens emerge one after another. Many people may have noticed this phenomenon during their tour. Many of the squares are made of bronze sculptures. Why didn’t the square designers use sculptures made of other materials, such as wood or iron?

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Actually, there are many reasons for this.

First, copper is particularly chemically stable. Even in the open air because of the wind and rain copper rust. It doesn’t rust as steel does. It collapsed completely. Instead, a thin layer of copper rust grows on the surface of the copper. It will protect the copper inside from corrosion. So even though copper and iron are cheap. But if it is a large sculpture that needs to be placed outdoors for a long time and is not easy to clean. Which bronze sculpture or iron sculpture will have a longer life? Is not the result at a glance?

Bronze is the most popular metal for cast metal sculptures; a cast bronze sculpture is often called simply a “bronze”. It can be used for statues, singly or in groups, reliefs, and small statuettes and figurines, as well as bronze elements to be fitted to other objects such as furniture. It is often gilded to give gilt-bronze or ormolu.

Second, the copper sculpture has a long history. The craft is also very mature. Since the Shang and Zhou Dynasties, copper has been used to make large sacrificial vessels such as tripods. The craft of copper sculpture has developed to the present day. Whether it’s a cast bronze sculpture or a wrought bronze sculpture. Or a bronze relief. They all have very advanced technology. Not only can you make complex patterns. And even fine patterns can be done. People often think of large sculptures in the square. In fact, now there are many garden designs using small sculptures. This kind of sculpture, which needs a close view, naturally needs special attention to detail. The requirement is lifelike, and copper sculpture can do this.

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Third, the copper sculpture has a unique historical temperament that cannot be replaced by other sculptures. Many bronze sculptures are bronzed. This kind of color makes a person think of decency, composed, massiness, the especially great man is like, the historical event commemorates statue to wait. It’s perfect for this color. And copper sculpture is easy to match in a variety of environments. Can also enhance the temperament of the overall environment, which appears to have a low-key connotation.

More professional talk.

In the sculpture industry, although the price of copper sculpture is more expensive. But compared to other sculptural materials. The overall performance of the bronze sculpture is particularly good, it is very strong. It is both safe and reliable. Some experts have found that copper sculpture is frequently used in the urban landscape. It has been deeply loved by citizens everywhere. From the outside, the appearance of the bronze sculpture is very natural and textured, and the glaze looks very soft. The rich layers of copper remind people of a long history and culture. Although copper is not as valuable as gold. It’s not as shiny as aluminum. But copper seemed to come out of heaven. It can express a unique temperament. This is a feature that other materials do not have.

The bronze sculpture has a prominent color effect. Other materials won’t produce such decorative effects. Sculptors often use dyeing, painting, and other methods to enhance the artistic quality of the sculpture. Make the sculpture more beautiful. If you go and visit some of the old buildings. You’ll find a lot of bronze sculptures in the building. These sculptures have stood the test of time. Their light will not die. They are timeless classics. That’s why old people are especially fond of bronze sculptures. The company’s experts found. Copper sculptures in squares and parks are often visited by people. People of all ages and professions like to have their photos taken by leaning against the sculpture. Got touched a lot. The color of the bronze sculpture looks more brilliant and bright. Copper sculptures do not require frequent maintenance and repair. That’s one of its advantages. The sun and rain may affect the quality of the sculpture. Sculpture conservators can take some preventative measures. If the surface of the sculpture is painted with better paint, the life of the sculpture will be extended.

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In short, copper has good physical properties, is easy to cast, can be maintained for a long time, and is low cost. In particular, copper has the following advantages: in terms of physical properties, copper has a longer life than steel and is considered one of the permanent materials. Not easy to weathering, corrosion resistance (of course, will generate some verdigris, but much better than steel, will not rust too seriously) wear resistance, and other characteristics. Compared with gold, copper has a low melting point, good fluidity of copper water, and is easy to cast and shape, and the price is much lower. In terms of material classification, there are many kinds of copper alloys, brass, red copper, white copper, silicon bronze, tin bronze. They all have different physical properties. Suitable for different sculpture casting: brass has low manufacturing cost. The process is flexible. Characteristics of complex shapes and large castings can be obtained. Copper is of high purity. Fine structure, high oxygen content, no stomata, trachoma, loose, excellent electrical conductivity. Electro-etched die surface precision is high, suitable for precision casting. Anyway, compared to other materials. There are many advantages to making sculptures out of copper, but there are also disadvantages. To compare with other materials, each has its merits.