Garden Colored Stainless Steel Sculpture for Sale

NO.: AKHZM-1068

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Garden, square




Urban stainless steel sculpture has now gradually taken a firm foothold in the city, the streets and lanes are filled with a variety of stainless steel sculptures. The colored stainless steel sculpture is not easy to rust, and it is easier to take care of, which is much more convenient than traditional sculpture. There are many kinds of stainless steel sculptures in the city. There is a large abstract stainless steel sculpture, and there is a lovely stainless steel sculpture of animals. Various forms fully express the artistic concept of sculpture. Take a look at our abstract metal art sculpture. Three stainless steel sculptures like human figures bring more life to the whole space.

Stainless steel garden sculpture, there is also some decorative sculpture. Reflected in the garden decoration, they tend to pursue the external beauty of the accessories without any implication. They are exquisite and enrich the overall aesthetic content of the garden from the details. To decorate the environment, sculpture and water features can be combined to form a beautiful picture. If you are interested in our abstract metal art sculpture, welcome to contact us.


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