City street stainless steel abstract garden statues

City street stainless steel abstract garden statues

NO.: AKCC-48

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel

Surface: Stainless steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




How important are abstract garden statues in modern busy life to people. These abstract garden statues have brought a lot of vitality to the city. It has surrounding elements. The whole shape is very atmospheric and meaningful, and it is displayed in a large circle on the top. , Below is a small circle, the stainless steel material is firm and stable, supported on the ground, it will not give people a sense of top-heavy imbalance. The big surround seems to frame the beautiful surrounding scenery, and the street scenery focuses on this abstract garden statues. Our professional sculptors and factory designers can customize logo sculptures suitable for cities and destinations for you, and make good use of stainless steel materials to show the most attractive art. The concept of Western modernism has become a new concept for creation, and abstract art, which represents one of Western art, has become the focus. Due to different cultural backgrounds and historical origins, the phenomenon of indigestion abounds. Similarly, the “beauty” of modern abstraction also affects sculptures.

The artist has created a large number of works with the help of modern materials. The abstract garden statues made of stainless steel, wrought copper, colored steel and other materials are given a certain symbolic meaning while being piled up. Such sculptures are flooding our city. It can be said that they can be seen everywhere, one by one, stainless steel balls, rings, and stainless steel pillars. Geometric “stainless steel” abstract garden statues. From the aesthetic point of view of modern people, realistic modeling is only a standard, which can no longer satisfy people’s aesthetic requirements in many aspects; as an artist, he also does not satisfy the truthful representation of the object itself, but expresses what he feels in his heart. Art, traditional modeling cannot accommodate the multi-level thinking of contemporary artists. Abstract garden statues are concise and generous, with obvious physical sense, strong light and shadow effects, easy to play abstract style modeling, and satisfy the multi-level thinking of contemporary artists. Therefore, many cities forged stainless steel sculptures in the form of abstract artistic expressions.


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