Large outdoor ornament metal whale statues outdoor sculpture

Large outdoor ornament metal whale statues outdoor sculpture

NO.: AKSY-036

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




Stainless steel whale statues outdoor sculpture uses polished mirror surface technology. The mirror surface characteristics of stainless steel material will weaken the sense of volume and contour definition of the sculpture because of the mapping of the surrounding environment. Therefore, when sculptors use mirror stainless steel materials to create statues outdoor sculptures, they mostly focus on abstract shapes. When the light is projected on the mirror stainless steel statues outdoor sculpture, it will not produce obvious dark, gray, and bright light and shadow effects, so that the work produces a sense of weightlessness.

From the physical classification, the modeling of statues outdoor sculpture can be roughly divided into figurative realistic sculpture and abstract sculpture. Stainless steel whale sculpture belongs to semi-abstract sculpture. Concrete realistic sculpture mainly focuses on the existence of form in space and the expression of volume; abstract sculpture expresses complex or simple abstract forms, pursuing visual perception and psychological response. The figurative sculpture presents accurate volumetric visual and tactile feelings through volume, space and shadow effects under specific light sources. Therefore, generally speaking, this type of statues outdoor sculpture mostly uses matte materials such as copper and marble. If marble sculpture reminds us of texture and dignity, then mirror stainless steel statues outdoor sculpture highlights the beauty of strength and flexibility. When the surrounding environment is projected on the distorted mirror sculpture, it will also produce distorted object scenes. These distorted images in turn strengthen the abstract meaning of the sculpture. Jeff Koons, as the most influential pop artist in the United States, chooses mirror stainless steel statues outdoor sculpture for his works. From content to style, it greatly shows his “acceptance” and “fusion”. manner.


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