City signs mesh the earth map stainless steel sculptures metal art

City signs mesh the earth map stainless steel sculptures metal art

NO.: AKSY-066

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




Hundreds of millions of human beings living in the global village are grateful for the place this earth gives us. Many stainless steel sculptures metal are based on the earth as the prototype, the territory of the earth. Envelop and surround the circle. It has become a landmark building in many cities. The sculpture consists of three parts: the foundation, the outer circle, and the earth. Except for the foundation, the main body of stainless steel sculptures metal is made of stainless steel, and the earth is surrounded by an outer ring. As the core of the sculpture, the earth is not a complete sphere, on the contrary, it has several horizontal and long circles and continental plates, just like the earth. This huge earth stainless steel sculptures metal shines in the sun, becoming a city force in many people’s hearts.

The first step: design. For its appearance, this stainless steel sculptures metal-earth is inspired by the earth. When the artist-designed stainless steel sculptures metal in the city or outside the community, he came up with the inspiration to make magnificent earth. Therefore, after drawing and modifying again and again, until the artist is satisfied with the design.
Step 2: 3D foam model printing. Usually, they will print a 1:10 scale resin model before starting to zoom in to check the shape and details, and if everything is normal, they will print a 1:1 scale foam model. After that, the sculptor can start forging according to the foam model.
The third step: forging. Separating the composition of stainless steel sculptures metal is one of the most important steps. Large stainless steel sculptures cannot be forged as a whole, so sculptors usually forge a large sculpture alone, as in this case. They used electric scissors and plasma cutters to cut thick stainless steel and forged materials when foam models appeared.
The fourth step: welding. Each component is welded to become the entire sculpture. Since stainless steel sculptures metal, the earth is so high and heavy, even ladders and cranes are used to assist.


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