Nature themed stainless steel Modern abstract Sculpture

Nature themed stainless steel Modern abstract Sculpture

NO.: AKSY-073

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




A sculpture that can stand in a city square must have a good meaning. This modern abstract sculpture concentrates a lot of good urban concepts. The city with high-rise buildings also needs the existence of nature to relieve people’s pressure and people’s natural concepts. Also constantly improving, this modern abstract sculpture is a huge circular column. At the top of it is a stainless steel sphere. The characteristic of the mirror surface makes the surface of the sphere absorb the surrounding scenery like a mirror. The beauty of the blue sky and white clouds is revealed. Surrounding the sphere of modern abstract sculpture is a string of golden wheat ears, symbolizing peace and people’s natural life. The flying stainless steel geese above are also representatives of natural peace. At the bottom of modern abstract sculpture are many swimming Fish. This is a characteristic of the ocean. This modern abstract sculpture concentrates many elements of nature. Both the sky and the ocean are shown in people’s lives. Make you feel the beauty of a great environment.

This stainless steel modern abstract sculpture creates an elegant art space. The space treatment can reflect the magnificent and elegant artistic space atmosphere, and let them achieve a good beautification effect. Stainless steel modern abstract sculpture, the first choice for upgrading grades and taste! Unique shapes scattered in the space, both modern and futuristic art public spaces bring high-quality visual experience. The elegant neo-classical style of this stainless steel modern abstract sculpture reveals an extraordinary elegance. It is beautifully unified in modern life, like a wonderful work of art, leading the chic between ancient and fashion. As an independent art form, modern abstract sculpture has a rich and diverse expression language and great freedom and suitability. It does not define the viewer’s perspective and distance, and is more suitable for expressing its beauty from multiple angles. Hollowing, as a technique of sculpture expression, can increase the visual space of sculptures and enhance the artistic expression of sculptures. The basic components of modern abstract sculpture include form, space, texture, light, color, etc. The use of hollowing techniques adds new content to the development of the language of sculpture form. The hollowing technique is used in modern abstract sculpture, and the characteristic is that it can make the sculpture visually give people a sense of space. The transparent form extends the space and creates a sense of beauty, emphasizing the outline of the work. At the same time, the characteristics enrich the decorative effect of the work and enhance the artistic expression.


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