Public large stainless steel metal hand art statue

Public large stainless steel metal hand art statue

NO.: AKSY-071

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




There are many ways of art, and a broken face sculpture can also show endless beauty. This metal hand art statue uses this incomplete art. A huge hand clenched his fist. The joints of each finger are made very delicately. The metal hand art statue symbolizes freedom and power. The surface of the metal hand art statue shone with metallic silver luster. The size of the metal hand art statue can be customized. This sculpture is placed on a square in the city and is a very unique artwork. Stainless steel is strong and stable, this metal hand art statue can stand upright outdoors. People passing by will see it, and they will unite the city. The heart is full of power. If you like this sculpture, custom a small artwork can also decorate your garden.

Using a very vague human figure as the main body, and using closely stitched lines as the main symbol, it expresses the confrontation between a power deep in the character’s heart and external involvement. Although the static 304 stainless steel abstract metal hand art statue is full of strong impact force. When the viewer appreciates the 304 stainless steel abstract figure sculpture, whether there is a sympathy deep in his heart, maybe everyone living in the society is living with a mask, not dare to express his true self, or even forget who he is, Just like the 304 stainless steel abstract figure sculpture in the picture, there is no concrete image. A good abstract sculpture is not just abstract, but to show a deep resonance like a metal hand art statue. Urban stainless steel sculptures inherit many advantages of stainless steel. Compared with traditional cast bronze sculptures and stone sculptures, stainless steel metal hand art statues have distinct characteristics. Stainless steel sculptures do not like rust, and are easy to clean. It takes a lot of time to maintain, and there is no need to worry about rusting of stainless steel sculptures due to the atmosphere and rain during the placement process. The wind resistance of stainless steel sculpture is very strong and durable. The color of the stainless steel metal hand art statue itself is silvery white with luster. Of course, customers can also process them into other colors if they have special requirements.


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