Custom made stainless steel city large sculptures for sale

Custom made stainless steel city large sculptures for sale

NO.: AKSY-047

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




Our company can customize many urban sculptures for you. These large sculptures for sale have a modern urban significance. It is surrounded by six upright pointed cones, supported by a rectangular bar at the bottom, and the upper part is designed like a glider. Four The lines of the wings. A sharp line is formed at the top, and the six form a circle. In the center of large sculptures for sale is a stainless steel ball connected by a thin stainless steel line, and there are meaningful patterns on the mirror surface. These large sculptures for sale placed on the city square symbolize the power of freedom and cohesion. When people in the city saw large sculptures for sale. The heart will also be full of strength. This is the true meaning of customized urban sculptures.

Large sculptures for sale in gardens serve to match the garden environment. The recognized difficulty lies in how the works are in harmony with the environment. In the creation of sculpture art, the benevolent love the mountain, the wise love the water, and it is inevitable that different people have different opinions. In addition to the personal factors in the creation, the author considers the factors of the architectural environment more in his creation, such as creating courtyard-style garden sculptures and park gardens. The difference between large sculptures for sale is a special group and the public group. It is necessary to visualize and express the author’s ideas, ideas, and such ideas and plans through certain modeling functions, remove factors that do not conform to the environment in the work and create and use this area in the most suitable form. In order to meet people’s psychological and psychological needs, certain works may be successful in one exhibition, but not necessarily successful in another exhibition. Large sculptures for sale are just for a specific environment and environment. Each large sculptures for sale work are created for a specific environment. It is unique, that is to say, the work has its own particularity. Only a beautiful environment, the form of sculpture can make people Produce a sense of beauty, long-term exposure to this kind of artistic environment, the subtle appeal can arouse people’s longing for beautiful ideals. We should strive to adapt to the environment while emphasizing and highlighting the personal characteristics of ourselves, exploring the beauty of materials, and combining with the specific environment The function integrates knowledge, art, and interest, and becomes an entity that exists in both virtual and real space and imagination. Large sculptures for sale can be seen everywhere in the garden, becoming the finishing touch in the garden and forming the focus of beauty.


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