Urban decoration spiral abstract human large sculpture modern

Urban decoration spiral abstract human large sculpture modern

NO.: AKSY-057

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




A lot of art comes from the wonderful human body, this large sculpture modern work uses the human body as the material. Two people made of stainless steel, one man and one woman. They have no arms and stand with their backs facing each other. The bodies of the large sculpture modern are made up of neat ribs, like the cold tones of metal, showing the cold and warmth between people. The man lowered his head, the woman raised his head, no one knew what they were thinking. But it has created a strong artistic range. The large sculpture modern in the city has given us so many surprises. The well-proportioned figure has designed a large sculpture modern with many different postures, and the art of the human body shows a fascinating scene.

City Large Sculpture Modern as public art is a pen in urban construction. The city stainless steel sculpture is the same as other urban cultures. With the development of the city, the process of accumulation and precipitation generally presents. With the development of the city and the advancement of society, people’s requirements for cultural tastes are increasing. In the construction of urban stainless steel large sculpture model, the basic principles of the creation of urban human visual aesthetic space should adhere to the management and improvement of urban image. Most of the city’s landscape stainless steel large sculpture modern art is from this perspective, further enhances the role of landscape stainless steel large sculpture modern art in shaping urban personality and promoting the urban brand strategy, combining urban design and urban cultural strategies and geographical humanities. At the same time, the environmental image of urban human visual space is established, and the unique charm of the city is enhanced. And convert this charm into the visual quality of direct public space. City Stainless Steel Large Sculpture Modern is the conveyance of beauty, making people find meaning in daily life, making life more colorful. Street green space, a community full of romantic poetic poetry, life taste sculpture is a portrayal of life. It makes progress Thoughts, wisdom words lead to the new trend of the times. Large sculpture modern gives life through artistic thinking and means, becoming humanities, constitutes a landscape, lying stone gold, and turns into magic, is a typical characteristic of the postmodern, urban stainless steel large sculpture MODERN can play a role to recover memory. The sculptural side of the spatial environment is becoming rich and coordinated by the urban environment.


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