Stainless steel animal giraffe large outdoor statue

Stainless steel animal giraffe large outdoor statue

NO.: AKSY-068

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




A city full of tall buildings needs a little natural scenery, giraffe large outdoor statue is a good way. This is made of stainless steel and has a huge body. Its limbs are exquisite and stable. The whole body spots of the giraffe large outdoor statue use uneven spots to make the whole giraffe more three-dimensional. The head of the giraffe large outdoor statue is also very good. Exquisite, like a real giraffe, vivid and true. You can customize a group of giraffe large outdoor statues, some standing tall, some whispering, and small giraffe large outdoor statues. It is a vivid scene. When the sun rises, the giraffe large outdoor statue gleams with silver in the sun. Set off against the green grass. Add a lot of splendor to this city.

Garden stainless steel large outdoor statue generally refers to those stainless steel sculptures that are installed and applied to gardens, mainly iconic sculptures and sculptures of figures and animals. Iconic sculptures shape the image of the garden. Characters and animals are often used to set off the garden atmosphere. Designed with cuteness and sports as the main line. Modern stainless steel large outdoor statue focuses on abstract performance and dynamic features of appearance. In the exhibition process of modern sculpture, abstract performance can contain a lot of meaning, and can better show people’s spiritual emotions, far away from objects and approaching the essence, making the large outdoor statue more modern and interesting; the stainless steel garden giraffe is a sculpture product made of stainless steel. , The use of mirror (mirror effect is not available in other sculpture metal materials. After being created by stainless steel sculpture manufacturers into a flat or twisted mirror effect, the appearance of the sculpture is weakened in the space, and the effect of light on it is weakened by the reflection of the environment, like magic Invisible in the space environment), the large outdoor statue of garden giraffe is suitable for placement in gardens and other places. Placed in the garden, the theme and form of the garden stainless steel sculpture should be in harmony with the environment. The size of the sculpture and the space should have an appropriate proportion, and it is necessary to think about the color of the sculpture itself and the connection with the background. Let the garden stainless steel large outdoor statue It complements and complements the garden environment.


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