Garden Decoration Popular Modern Lovely Bronze Deer Statue

NO.: AKHZM-1283

Size: Customized

Material: Bronze

Technology: ′Lost Wax′ Casting

Surface: Patina

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Garden, home decor




Look, there are two deers are grazing in the meadow. This is our newest modern style bronze deer statue which has a vivid posture and delicate expression. You can see the fawn is ready to feed on the grass, and another fawn is looking away into the distance. Both deer look very cute. It’s like two real deer in a garden. Brought a little life into the whole garden. If you get this bronze deer statue and take it into the garden or park, it will become the best decoration and attract visitors here.

Many people have a special fondness for deer. It is a special life with a spirit. Deer in the body can always associate with the ancient kind of mysterious channels. It is deep and distant and fascinates people. People always want to trace the cause and effect of their past life through it. Deer seems to be telling people about the nature of nature and the eternity of goodness. In the deer, and can reflect a kind of pure. Eating tender grass, adding new antlers, revealing a breath of freshness, infected our hearts. The deer’s body also revealed a charming vitality. The real deer ran away at the sight of you. A happy deer always conveys enthusiasm and hope to you. Let your pounding heart not be lonely. There is a unique charm in the deer. It is gentle and generous, delicate and elegant, tall and expensive. If you want to see a deer up close, you can check out our modern bronze deer statue.

An animal with such a good meaning is bound to be a pet of the sculpture industry. In fact, in animal sculpture, deer, horses, bulls, and other animals with beautiful connotations are common materials in the sculpture industry. Bronze deer and art have an indissoluble bond. Deer are found in early murals, paintings, and sculptures. Such as the Han Dynasty knights shooting deer figures. A relief of a recumbent deer sitting on a Buddha. Rock paintings of the Shang Dynasty were found in Baichahe, Inner Mongolia. Most of them are deer in various shapes. The deer has been regarded as a kind of mascot since ancient times. In modern times, many people put a bronze deer sculpture in their homes to pray that it can bring good luck to people. Take a look at our bronze deer sculpture, we also have many other deer statues for you to choose from. Bronze deer sculpture is very popular because of its beautiful appearance design and happy meaning. Nowadays, many landscape gardens or gardens are fond of placing several bronze deer sculptures. The use period of bronze deer statues in the technological performance level is longer than that of steel. We’ve done a lot of cast bronze deer statues recently.


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