Desert style large Corten Steel Dragon Art sculpture

Desert style large Corten Steel Dragon Art sculpture

NO.: AKCC-01

Size: Customized

Material: Corten

Surface: Corten

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




In the vast expanse of the desert, a giant dragon circling, a large sculpture made with the most classic and retro materials, this Corten Steel Dragon Art as a whole is very vivid. The dragon head is placed on the ground, and the body of Corten Steel Dragon Art undulates on the ground. The scales on the back of the Corten Steel Dragon Art sculpture are very realistic. The big dragon is roaring with his mouth open. This desert-style Corten Steel Dragon Art sculpture can be placed outdoors, huge and stylish. The rust-like color sets off the outdoor ground and blue sky. The dragon symbolizes many meanings. A customized Corten Steel Dragon Art sculpture will bring you a retro atmosphere. We can also customize various models and shapes of Corten Steel Dragon Art sculptures for you.

The humanization of Corten Steel Dragon Art’s sculpture environment and the tactile space of park sculptures. The rigorous pace of life in contemporary cities makes people separate and self- reliant, which has a negative impact on visual scheming. In the innovation of urban image, great attention is paid to the humanization and intimacy of the environment. Amusement sculptures can regulate people’s minds, and most garden sculptures also adopt the norms that are close to people and places, and they are on the same level as people in the space, which enhances people’s sense of participation. Nowadays, rusty materials often appear in decoration. Corten Steel Dragon Art presents a style of industrial and modern art, which is favored by modern people. It has outstanding visual expression and corrosion resistance, which is in line with today’ s , Energy saving, environmental protection and other “green” concepts and development policy guidance. Corten Steel Dragon Art makes use of the plasticity and natural corrosivity of weathering steel to give people a rusty feeling, making the work “rusty” color delicious. The rough surface produced by the corroded steel plate makes the structure more volume and quality


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