Glossy Cordiform Sculpture Hollow Solid Stainless Steel

Glossy Cordiform Sculpture Hollow Solid Stainless Steel

NO.: AKZZ-53

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel

Surface: Stainless steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




This cordiform sculpture is original and leaves a deep impression on people. It is composed of a huge heart pattern and smooth lines in the middle, and the design is unique and highly creative. This design not only makes the sculpture unique in appearance but also rich in profound symbolic significance. The color of the sculpture is mainly silver and white, and the metal material is used to make the sculpture shine in the sun, which is solemn and elegant. The overall lines of the sculpture are smooth, and the connection points between the heart patterns are just right, which not only strengthens the three-dimensional sense of the sculpture but also makes the entire work more coordinated and unified. The environment of the sculpture is also full of peace and harmony. The clear sky was blue, the trees and bushes were scattered, and everything seemed so natural and beautiful. The small pool behind the sculpture adds a touch of liveliness and vitality to the whole scene, and the water is calm like a mirror, reflecting the surrounding scenery as if the beauty of the entire garden is integrated into it.

The cordiform sculpture represents the emotional connection between people and conveys a message of love and harmony. In such a quiet environment, it seems to become the sustenance of people’s hearts, allowing people to find a moment of peace and comfort in the busy city life.


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