Park mirror stainless steel abstract sculpture decor fountain

Park mirror stainless steel abstract sculpture decor fountain

NO.: AKCC-52

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel

Surface: Stainless steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




The most important thing about an outdoor park and garden is the combination of waterscape and flower and grass scenery. This exquisite stainless steel abstract sculpture decor is very suitable for the platform decoration in the middle of the water fountain. The treatment of polished stainless steel makes the surface of abstract sculpture decor more bizarre. A unique ring with a bend in the middle makes the shape no longer monotonous. There is a black square base under the abstract sculpture decor, which sets off the silver of the sculpture, making it more solemn and advanced. Many of our designs have small holes in the sculptures, which can be connected to the water on the ground and designed into a beautiful shape of a fountain.

Abstract sculpture decor has its own characteristics in online application and artistic conception. Among the typical styles formed by the Chinese nation in long-term artistic practice, traditional Chinese Buddha sculptures and traditional line drawing have always been inextricably linked. Line is a basic element of the basic modeling of abstract sculpture decor. It is very important in dealing with the spatial relationship between block and surface, surface and volume. In terms of online expression, the freehand brushwork in his artistic creation is a kind of imagery creation, and the freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese Buddhist statues often uses freehand brushwork, which focuses on expressing its charm and charm, conveying its spirit, and not constrained by the appearance of objective objects. . The creation of line and abstract sculpture decor are both in the category of plastic arts. Line has its own artistic laws and characteristics, and the two are interrelated and inseparable. The line changes more freely, while the sculpture can only express momentary actions and spatial states. The abstract sculpture decor is a frozen poem, which cannot describe the entire storyline and development process like literary works and TV dramas. Abstract sculpture decor works mainly express the author’s intentions and thematic thoughts in form, body language, and momentary images of actions, and strengthen the “body”, “shape” and “god” of the object.


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