Beautiful scene stainless steel abstract flower sculpture

Beautiful scene stainless steel abstract flower sculpture

NO.: AKCC-47

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel

Surface: Stainless steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




The beauty of flowers is shown in the four seasons, giving people a beautiful feeling in their hearts. If there is a fashionable flower that never fades in all seasons, you must choose this stainless steel abstract flower sculpture. It is the most classic image of flowers. Five petals. Each petal is made of polished stainless steel, with a smooth surface and natural lines in the middle. Each abstract flower sculpture has a different shape. The round petals make you feel comfortable, and the pointed petals abstract flower sculpture is supported on the ground, which is also very distinctive. These are beautiful modern plant art, applied to the sculpture world. A little bit penetrates into our lives. Customize each stainless steel abstract flower sculpture, we make it carefully, so that you can feel the taste of nature.

Stainless steel abstract flower sculpture uses 304 stainless steel material combined with forging and baking varnish technology, using plum blossom as a design element to deepen the art and enlarge it into a unique artistic effect. Plum blossoms have always had a very good meaning in China, Gao Jie and arrogance: The plum blossoms bloom alone in the cold wind, and there is no green leaf when it blooms. It blooms alone, showing unique beauty, so it has this meaning. Perseverance: Plum blossoms can grow normally even in harsh environments, which represents the spirit of perseverance. Long-lasting friendship: abstract flower sculpture also represents friendship and is suitable for giving to friends. Auspicious happiness: The petals of plum blossoms are all five petals, symbolizing the five blessings, and all of them also imply auspicious happiness. The stainless steel abstract flower sculpture perfectly combines the beautiful meaning of plum blossoms with artistic display effects to beautify the environment. Stainless steel abstract flower sculpture symbolizes beauty and can bring people physical and mental pleasure. Everyone loves beauty, so stainless steel abstract flower sculpture is very popular. It can be as small as a living utensil, as large as a street sculpture. The content presented is extremely wide, and the form of expression is also colorful. It creates a comfortable and beautiful environment that can purify people’s hearts, cultivate people’s sentiments, and cultivate people’s pursuit of beautiful things.


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