Large city campus customized stainless steel tall sculptures

Large city campus customized stainless steel tall sculptures

NO.: AKSY-081

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




Every city or campus needs a beautiful tall sculptures to condense the power of the entire environment. Our company has dedicated designers to listen to what you want to express. Combine the style and features of the entire city. Use stainless steel, a modern material. Design a suitable tall sculptures that belongs to you. This tall sculptures is a large design. On the stainless steel base of the semi-circular ball. Three upright stainless steel cylinders are placed on top. They vary in height, and a stainless steel ball is placed at the top of each one in mid-air. Surrounding this tall sculptures is a ring of stainless steel in the shape of a free ribbon. There are many stainless steel stars dotted on it. The surface of the entire stainless steel tall sculptures is polished stainless steel original color. It displays the most natural silver luster in the urban campus landscape. It has many beautiful meanings of unity and freedom. Condensing the strength of everyone in this city.

As the name suggests, campus stainless steel tall sculptures are sculptures designed and produced for specific colleges and universities. They can decorate, enrich and beautify the campus environment and enrich the spiritual life of teachers and students. It is an important part of the construction of campus culture, and it can also be reflected. Out of the cultural status of a college. Even if a campus has a history and a magnificent architecture, it is incomplete without excellent campus sculptures. A good campus stainless steel sculpture can reflect the aesthetic inclination, cultural ideology and profound cultural atmosphere of the entire college. Campus stainless steel tall sculptures are a materialized spiritual carrier. It is a carrier of campus culture. As a spiritual carrier, campus tall sculptures have literal attributes and also embody the spirit of writing and conveying ideas. Every campus tall sculptures contains certain moral pursuits, which can have a huge moral potential effect on students, stimulate students’ emotional recognition of moral principles and ethics, resonate, and at the same time have a yearning for moral ideals and moral construction Feelings. In such an environment, under such cultural influence, students will naturally be encouraged to be aggressive and innovative. Campus tall sculptures are an important part of the campus environment. They not only beautify the campus environment, but also have a deeper educational significance for future generations.


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