Outdoor Ecological Art Stainless Steel Flower Kinetic Sculpture

Outdoor Ecological Art Stainless Steel Flower Kinetic Sculpture

NO.: AKSY-046

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




Have you ever felt the power of nature? This stainless steel flower kinetic sculpture not only shows you the modern temperament of new materials but also can be perfectly combined with the natural forces of the environment. It is this stainless steel flower kinetic sculpture like a wind wheel, made of stainless steel, using advanced technology, we have completed There are many kinetic sculptures composed of small parts. There are plant-like rhizomes at the bottom for support, the round shape at the top is very beautiful, and there are stainless steel oval pieces on each gear. As the wind blows in nature, stainless steel kinetic sculpture will dance with it. A dynamic atmosphere allows you to feel the charm of artworks. The edges of other designs are composed of plant antennae, which is different and beautiful.

The kinetic sculpture belongs to the dynamic sculpture series, which is mainly made of stainless steel welding. Each carefully designed object can be moved by the breeze. The blowing of the wind makes the parts of kinetic sculpture change positions in the process of breaking and restoring balance, presenting a particular visual effect. The wind makes the sculpture move regularly and makes the sculpture more mechanically beautiful. Usually, the kinetic sculpture itself is equipped with a power device to provide continuous and stable kinetic energy. The overall shape or part of kinetic sculpture reciprocates along a pre-designed trajectory. The beauty of vision is a unique perspective of human beings, and whenever the wind passes by, it leaves its traces-traces of nature. Passers-by can stand under the kinetic sculpture and feel the charm of the wind together!


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