Abstract wings and ball metal modern sculpture for sale

Abstract wings and ball metal modern sculpture for sale

NO.: AKSY-074

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




There are more and more modern stainless steel sculptures with the theme of freedom. This modern sculpture for sale is an abstract and novel way to show the meaning of freedom. The main body of modern sculpture for sale is a pair of abstract wings. The lower part of the semicircular ring is supported on the base, and the upper part is a pair of symmetrical wings. Each rib on the top is solid and delicate. The overall surface of modern sculpture for sale has been polished to show the most primitive metal color, adding a retro connotation to the atmosphere. A stainless steel ball is held in the middle of a pair of wings. Perhaps we can also regard modern sculpture for sale as a pair of abstract hands, holding a ball in both hands, which is the force of nature. Everyone can see different meanings from different abstract modern sculptures for sale, perhaps unity or freedom, depending on our appreciation of art and inner pursuit.

Large square wings modern sculpture for sale is a type of stainless steel sculpture. People often see this kind of sculpture in green spaces and parks. In the green space, the park has beautiful meanings such as placing this kind of sculpture. The stainless steel large square wing sculpture is a landscape and artistic sculpture, which is made by polishing technology. The urban landscape modern sculpture for sale stands in the middle of the city with high-rise buildings, bringing a touch of vitality to the congestion and rigidity of the city, and decorating our Life, our boring life brings fun. With the development of the stainless steel industry, stainless steel technology is constantly improving and perfecting. The superb technology sculpts perfect works, which are integrated with the urban architecture and complement each other, playing a finishing touch. It is suitable for placing in squares and other scenes. Modern sculpture for sale with large square wings is suitable for placing in squares and other scenes. Placed in the square, we know that an excellent stainless steel square sculpture symbolizes the local characteristics of a city and also represents the image of the city. Modern sculpture for sale has an image effect, reflecting social life and expressing the artist’s Aesthetic feelings.


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