Outdoor lawn decoration modern abstract sculpture

Outdoor lawn decoration modern abstract sculpture

NO.: AKSY-013

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




The charm of modern abstract sculpture is to appreciate it from different angles, which will give people different feelings. If you want to choose an ornament that can keep up with the artistic trend for an outdoor garden or park, this modern abstract sculpture has a very abstract Beautiful form. Like an abstract person, but also a paraglider. It is smooth and sharp in the sharp area and is retracted and placed in the basic outline. It is sleek and cute. Each piece of the sculpture is connected with side-by-side lines, like silver light. The extension in different directions can maintain the balance of modern abstract sculpture. Modern abstract sculpture can also customize interesting shapes in your imagination.

The characteristics of outdoor modern abstract sculpture: through the characteristics of coordination, it can also enhance the interactive characteristics of commercial space. Through in-depth analysis of the concept of contradiction and opposition, it can ensure that there is coordination between large-scale stainless steel modern abstract sculpture art and commercial space. The characteristics of development ensure the overall effect of abstract thinking, and can also enhance the artistic level of the entire commercial space design so that the integrity of the entire commercial space is significantly improved. In the process of commercial space creation, the entire commercial space can be divided into different areas through large-scale sculpture art. Therefore, the large-scale stainless steel modern abstract sculpture art plays a role in the division of different commercial functions in the entire commercial space. There will be obvious differences between things, so any opposite things cannot be ignored. Through the analysis of the art design of large-scale stainless steel modern abstract sculpture, it can also be explained that in the design of commercial space, in addition to ensuring the overall coordination, it must also fully reflect the characteristics of the art of large-scale stainless steel modern abstract sculpture in a small space. Zhong can also have a unique form, so it can also reflect stronger unique characteristics in the entire space atmosphere.


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