Justice Art stainless steel Metal Large Rabbit holding flower sculpture

Justice Art stainless steel Metal Large Rabbit holding flower sculpture

NO.: AKCC-38

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel

Surface: Stainless steel

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




Interesting rabbits can design many artistic sculptures, and the image of rabbits often appears in stainless steel sculptures. This metal large rabbit sculpture is very suitable for square decoration, an abstract rabbit. The head is a simple circle. The body and limbs are also circular in design. To give people a sense of intimacy, this metal large rabbit sculpture holds a yellow stainless steel flower in its hand, and beautiful petals bloom on top of the rabbit’s head. It also played a supporting role. This metal large rabbit sculpture is at night, the yellow flowers can also emit light because of the small lights inside. When people stroll the square and the style street, they will see a dreamy and romantic glowing flower rabbit. We also have stainless steel sculptures of white rabbits flying on the rocks, each of which is suitable for different scenes. The mirrored metal large rabbit sculptures set off the modernization of the street, and the white metal large rabbit sculptures paired with the green grass are very charming in style.

Geometric sculpture art gives people a simple and fast feeling. In production, it is simpler and easier to operate than irregular sculptures. The metal large rabbit sculpture is an indispensable part of the public environment. The geometric metal large rabbit sculpture combines geometric elements and animals like rabbits to form a brand new visual experience. The metal large rabbit sculpture was considered to be a symbol of Ruiwu and Ruixiang in ancient times, and also a synonym for the moon. It is gentle, beautiful and gentle. Maybe in some cases, some expensive and gorgeous sculptures do not necessarily conform to the public’s aesthetics. Often some sculptures with simple shapes and a certain meaning are more popular. From ancient times to the present, many famous environmental landscapes have been expressed by the techniques of landscape sculpture design. Landscape sculpture is one of the environmental landscape design techniques. It plays a special and active role in environmental landscape design. The metal large rabbit sculpture has a unique style and a unique production technique, which makes the uniform and uniform architectural style transform to full of individual characteristics and style diversification. With the transformation and improvement of urban space, the development of urban sculpture will also become individualized with changes in the environment and public awareness.


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