Abstract Red Flower Metal Sculpture Outdoor Decor

Abstract Red Flower Metal Sculpture Outdoor Decor

NO.: AKSY-008

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Painted

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




There are many types of stainless steel sculptures. The category of abstract sculptures is often given a lot of meaning. These sculpture exteriors have abstract ideas that the artist wants to express. Everyone who sees the sculptures will have a different view. This flower metal sculpture outdoor decor is an abstract flower bud shape, this sculpture adds inspiration when the flower bud blooms. A few petals bloomed from the ground, entangled, and rushed to the sky. The surface of the sculpture exterieur was painted red, which infused a passionate sense of life. Believe me, this sculpture will make you feel vitality and inspire you to draw strength in life.

It is of decisive significance to enhance the overall image of the city. Urban sculpture exterieur is no longer limited to traditional aesthetics and visual arts but comprehensively considers various natural and human elements to achieve the purpose of improving the overall environment and landscape of the city and promoting the development of the city. Urban sculpture exterieur is an important part of urban planning and design. The sculptor must first consider environmental issues. Urban sculpture focuses on the spiritual outlook of the city and often exists in public places such as streets and squares. This requires sculptors to have certain knowledge. Professional knowledge of structure and urban planning. When we design each city’s sculpture exterieur, we all hope that it will have persistence and dissemination, and we all hope that a standing sculpture exterieur will convey to people the power of discourse represented by this sculpture, and convey the humanistic values and cultural values advocated by this city. The spirit of the city. To maintain the lasting value of sculpture exterieur, first of all, sculptures that reflect the city’s major historical and important figures are vitality. Like the bronze statue at Xinjiekou, first of all, it is not a simple landscape.


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