Hot sale vintage letter art love word corten sculpture for sale

Hot sale vintage letter art love word corten sculpture for sale

NO.: AKSY-054

Size: Customized

Material: corten steel

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




The art of letters is very popular in modern times. Especially with corten steel, a modern and retro material. Everyone loves their own city in various ways. Among the artists, the artistic letter corten sculpture appears, and its appearance adds artistic charm to the scenery in the city. The three-dimensional shape of love letters and the use of shadows make each letter solid and powerful. The four letters are arranged in two rows and stacked on top of each other. Rusty retro color. With outdoor scenery, it stands in a corner of the city regardless of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, showing the endless love for the city. Corten sculpture can also customize many different letters, such as city abbreviations, which have very special meanings.

Corten Steel is a material with art, art inspiration, which makes it more beautiful because of oxidation and rust, and after engraving, Corten Sculpture is more highlighting its advantage, and has a long time! Modern today’s weather steel has created much art. The materials used by the sculptures of some scenic spots are Corten Steel. In general, Corten Sculpture is not solid, but soldered, the interior is hollow, if If you are solid, then the weight of Corten Sculpture will be very heavy, which is why most sculptures are the main reason for welding, and there are other reasons such as the cause of transportation, and the factors. If it is a relatively thick Corten Steel’s letter or Chinese character’s Corten Sculpture, it is necessary to cut Corten Steel to cut it according to the laser of the Chinese character, and then the circle is welded, it is necessary to the welding electrode is special. The welding rod is not an ordinary soldering rod. After the welding is completed, it needs to be polished, and the smoothness is smooth, do not use the welding point of the eye. When you put Corten Sculpture in the outdoor garden, it creates a compelling focus.


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