Abstract shape metal artwork black sculpture for garden

Abstract shape metal artwork black sculpture for garden

NO.: AKSY-057

Size: Customized

Material: Stainless steel #304

Surface: Polish Finish

Package: Wooden Batten box

Suitable: Square, park, garden




The shape of each abstract artwork may seem simple, but in fact it has a special inspiration. This stainless steel black sculpture for garden has its own characteristics, and the overall shape is like an intertwined diamond. The black color on the surface is very uniform, giving a feeling of noble temperament. The left and right sides of the black sculpture for garden are also irregular in height. Not so rigid. The two round holes in the middle of the black sculpture for garden look like two eyes from a distance. A vertex is supported on the square base below. Putting the black sculpture for garden indoors is like the beautiful atmosphere of an art exhibition hall. Putting it in the garden also has a unique sense of art. The black and the surrounding green flowers and plants form a tacit beauty.

Abstract black sculpture for garden refers to non-symbolic sculpture, which refers to abstract sculpture in addition to realistic sculpture. The meaning of abstract sculpture does not specifically refer to specific sculpture images. Abstract sculpture has no strict requirements on the shape, and does not have to be similar to any actual things, but this does not mean that abstract black sculpture for garden does not need other fields: some are completely abstract, it needs to have aesthetic features, but it also needs interior Meaning, such as the streamlined shape of black sculpture for garden stainless steel forging, must be beautiful, smooth lines, smooth block surface, etc.; there is also semi-abstract, also called intention, it needs to be a bit like a specific thing, and simplify the deformation, but also show Exaggerated beauty and inner meaning, such as abstract human body. Abstraction is usually a realm beyond reality, a realm that cannot be expressed with realism, but abstract realm is fine, because it can ignore specific shapes as long as you want. This is a good job. Black sculpture for garden is suitable for outdoor and indoor places such as parks, botanical gardens, gardens, residential areas, squares, shopping centers, hotels, hotels, clubs, etc.


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