Large Indoor Decor Popular Animal Sculpture Resine

NO.: AKHZM-1233

Material: Fiberglass

Size: Life-Size or Custom Made Depends on Your Prefer

Technology: Colorful Painting/ Metallic Painting/Chrome

Thickness: More Than 4mm(Depends on the Size of Sculpture can Adjust)

Packing: Wooden Cases/Iron Boxes

Installation: Our Engineer can Come to Your Country to Install Sculptures




Resin sculpture is a three-dimensional artwork made of glass fiber resin. The resin is quite light. It is a durable material that can be painted and glazed to look like stone, porcelain, bronze, or marble. Resins are used to make a variety of products. The relative accessibility of resin compared to other sculptural materials makes it desirable when an artist wants to make multiple copies of a sculpture. Resin has also become a popular material for figurines, jewelry, figurines, and various collectibles. Animal sculpture resine is also often seen in our life.

Take a look at our animal sculpture resine. This is a big bear sculpture. The bear’s body is colorful, its hands also holding a big ball, the ball is a smiling face is smiling at you. This animal sculpture resin fits perfectly in the square and can be used to attract many children to play. Resin is a mixture of materials. This includes polyurethanes, silicones, epoxies, and polyesters. Our animal sculpture resine is strong but not indestructible. Cold conditions can cause the resin to crack. As the material contracts, it then expands as the temperature increases. It is recommended that in some climates, in cold weather, animal sculpture resine placed outdoors should be brought indoors.


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